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Our in-house team consists of experts from a wide range of fields: legal, psychological, player care, football technical, tactical, ..... We also have experts in the (inter)national transfer market.


Our network is our greatest asset. For all the needs of our players, we have the most extensive network we can rely on. We are happy to open up this network to our players.

Legal knowledge

Our in-house legal knowledge is of gold value for our players. Contracts we discuss and negotiate meticulously together. No contract is signed without a review by our legal department.


Experience is the cornerstone of our operation. Our team members all have years of experience in top positions within soccer. We put this experience fully at the service of our players.


Out of the box thinking is one of our most important qualities, which helps us to find creative solutions when problems require it.

Work desire

We go to extremes to guide our players in the best possible circumstances.


Everything in soccer revolves around data these days. Together with our partners we have the possibility to create a complete data profile of our players. This way we bring their strengths and weaknesses into focus. We use this data to approach a suitable club with a view to a transfer and/or to give a player insight into his working points.

Grow sport management

Grow Sport Management wants to make players grow, both on and off the field.

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