Player management

We guide players in the development of their careers. A team of specialists and coaches is built around each of our players, each of whom is an expert in his or her own field.
GROW Sport Management works with a 360° approach
Our extensive network at home and abroad ensures that every opportunity is noticed by us. Step by step we guide the player to the maximum in his career.
Perhaps the most important aspect of Sport Management is the legal department. From our expertise we can give our players direct and accurate advice on the interpretation and scope of contracts.
Together with our partners, we guide our players physically, both during the season and in the off-season. In case of injuries, we ensure that our players can always call on the most renowned specialists.
We also assist our players in the area of tactics. Tips and tricks from our tactical coaches ensure that our player have a positive evolution in their career.
The player care department ensures that players only have to concentrate on what they are good at, playing football.
The commercial aspect of a career is often overlooked or neglected, yet it is an important tool to achieve the maximum.
This is what it is all about in a career. A player plays for his future and that of his family. Together with our reliable partners, we make sure that this future is secured.
We guide our youngest players to the best education, both on and off the field.

Family support

Besides the player, his family also comes first for us. We not only work closely with the families of our players, but also guide them in the best possible way.

Each next step in the player's career is first thoroughly discussed with the player and his family. All pros and cons are weighed in order to come to the best possible decision.

Transfer intermediation

In addition to coaching our own players, we also provide services to the largest European football agencies. At their request, we look into the possibilities of placing their players at a club.

Top clubs from all over Europe also call on our services to search and approach the right players for them or to find a suitable buyer for superfluous players.


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Grow sport management

Grow Sport Management wants to make players grow, both on and off the field.

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